Trying to Traditionally Publish? This Social Media App Needs to be a Top Resource.

I am always looking for helpful writing tips and tricks to share with you guys and I think this one might be my easiest one yet! I can’t believe I haven’t done a blog on this sooner.

I’ll jump right to it! This blog is short and to the point. Enjoy!

Researching for a literary agent can be tiring and at times, overwhelming. How are we supposed to know who is a good fit for us? Sure you can see their MSWL and what they do and don’t want for their list but, how can we keep from blindly querying a stranger? Where is that ‘this agent might be the one’ moment?

My easy trick with searching for literary agents is simple.


Yes! You read that right. Twitter is my easy resource when searching for potential literary agents. And honestly, I prefer this resource over the Guide to Literary Agents, because Twitter offers what that book cannot.


These literary agents are real human beings with real human quirks, likes, dislikes and preferences. And they share them on Twitter. WHAAAT!?! Isn’t that crazy? Think about it…strolling through Twitter and you see an agent literally tweet ‘in the comments are manuscripts I’m looking for’ and you scroll through the comments and you see one that is similar to that work of art you’ve been working so hard on? Well, yeah! That happens on Twitter.

And even if you don’t find an agent that’s sharing their wishlist in the comments, you can still find one that represents your genre. Once you find one, follow their link in the bio that redirects you to their agency website and then boom! You are on the right track. Just follow their submission guidelines if they seem like they might be a good fit for you.

Another awesome perk about Twitter is that most literary agents share advice on querying, pitching in person and the publishing industry In general. You guys! The people who decide whether your submission material makes it past the slush pile GIVE OUT ADVICE! FOR FREE!

It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Twitter can also show how much the agent loves their job or their relationships with writers they’re representing. You can see how much they champion their clients and trust me, you want that. You want an agents that wants you, an agent who will go to great lengths to make sure your book baby gets the best it deserves. Now, I’m not saying literary agents who don’t have a twitter presence aren’t good at their job. I’m sure they are amazing and equally great to work with, but these literary agents on Twitter don’t have to share any helpful hints to aspiring writers. But some do! And I think that is a real Godsend.

Obviously, keep it professional. Do not, I repeat DO NOT direct message them on Twitter. There is a professional way to reach an agent and Twitter is NOT it. Don’t harass them. Now if they post a tweet that calls for engagement, by all means, jump in. But don’t use the comment feed as a way to drop your manuscript pitch to them.

Be courteous. Be smart.

There is nothing wrong with using the Guide to Literary Agents. I find that to be an extra resource that can help you find agents, shape your query and synopsis. But for those who are a bit more tech savvy, try Twitter. And please, please, please keep it professional. Don’t make a bad first impression.

Until next time,

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