The Midnight Library: Book Review

I will say up front that this book was predictable…BUT! The messages throughout this novel were inspiring. Reading TML was a reminder that life is all about perspective. Also, I listened to this on Audible. It’s beautifully narrated by Carey Mulligan, so if you’re a fan of audio books, add this one to your list!

Nora is your main lead and after deciding she no longer wants to live, she tries to overdose. Failing, she then ends up in a library (not physically, but cognitively) with an older friend who helps her navigate through different books that show her different alternative lives she could possibly have had. Each new life she falls in starts off great, you’ll be happy for Nora…and then life gets real and messy and she faces hiccups. I really like how Haig didn’t make each life alternative problem free because, well, no life is. Each alternative starts off great, Nora’s happy and then BAM…She’s not. The entire book was a lesson in being happy where you are…or at least that’s what I took away from the writing.

Predictable? Yes. Inspiring? I’d say so, but maybe I just needed a book that reminded me to appreciate where I currently was in life. This book might not hit as hard for readers who aren’t waiting for more. For me, I’m waiting for when I get to be a mom and a published writer. I’m always wondering what life would be like if I’d gotten my dreams a bit sooner, if I’d gotten married sooner, had a baby, finally found and agent and then published. This book helped me remember that little moments now create big moments for the future, they’re little bricks that build memories later on down the road.

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